Project Background

Gain market share in the peer review space through topic relevancy and content creation

As a start-up, HighGround serviced the most well respected brands one can hope to have in their portfolio; Disney, Patagonia, and a host of others.  Stories of institutional change and company wide impact were part of their M.O., but connecting to the right audience was their biggest challenge. Here’s where Edo helped; 

  • Improved the user experience on landing pages.
  • Re-designed key pages to showcase the right content.
  • Visualized shareable content to be more compelling.
  • Improved HighGround’s overall site experience.
  • Designed engaging thought leadership pieces.

Edo Partnered with our good friends at Big Orange Lab to execute and implement these tactics which made a huge impact in their online presence.


Our process for a better user experience begins with looking at data most important to our key topics

Unpacking the right content and developing storyboards is an essential step in understanding an audience.

We then prioritize and create page flows

Organizing content and prioritzing a page flow created pages like this that helped push thought leadership content and convert leads


A fun and lighthearted take on menial office tasks

Let’s face it.

Office tasks can be redundant, boring and can deflate work culture. HighGround’s peer review platform looks for opportunities to engage it’s users, and get them talking. We took a look at humanizing the platform with concepts and scenarios that were quirky and relatable.

We created a fun visual style and paired that rich storytelling which resulted in compelling thought leadership downloads targeted at HR decision makers and influencers looking for peer review platforms.

landing page experience explaining the relationship between people and data

illustrated e-book correlating famous quotes with goal setting

Edo creative directed this aspirational infographic geared towards setting goals



Let's make it happen together.