Post-Mortem is so…. well, morbid.
It’s the cold hard facts.

It’s the obituary of your campaign. This process can be frustrating, especially when your expectations were and continue to be high. But you’ve done your best, and now you’re going through the painful task of assessing the data and finding all the peaks and pitfalls. What went right, and what went so very wrong. And most importantly, why? So what do you want your Post-Mortem to say?

Wouldn’t you like to see your own peaks and pitfalls, your strengths and weaknesses, before you launch rather than after all is said and done?

At Edo, we like to work on our “Pre-Mortem”. Think of it as a more proactive version of post. We assess the current strategies before rolling out our campaigns in order to maximize effectiveness across digital, in-store and anywhere in between. We call it Continual Retail and the first step is assessing your current strategy.

Wouldn’t you like to see your own peaks and pitfalls, your strengths and weaknesses, before you launch rather than after all is said and done? We know we would. That’s why we developed our Free Snapshot assessment. So friends like you can figure out what you need to know to make your brand speak to people.

If you’re doing just fine, that’s wonderful. God bless. We love a great success story. But if you’re having a tough time with your retail strategy, it’s important to understand why it’s not working.

Here are a few of the top reasons why it might not be:


    Think about all the places, big and small, where your brand lives. Think of all the channels you’ve invested in – digital, in-store, experiential… From the aisle to the internet, if messaging is off in even one instance, you risk losing a customer. At best, it makes you look inconsistent. At worst, it makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s not nit-picky, it’s your brand.


     If you’re a marketing director who’s been tasked with overseeing all your brand’s campaigns, or you’re relying on hired hands to deliver the right message on time and on budget, you might run into this issue. You’ve created the perfect brand messaging for your teams to implement across the board, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. Someone wants to try a bold new strategy, or a cool new viral tactic. It seems like a great idea, until you realize that digital didn’t consult in-store, or vice versa, and now your new message is way off. This is a hard place to be. And if you’ve ever been there, Continual Retail is the solution for you.


    Have you ever heard the phrase “jack of all trades and a master of none”? It’s a cute way of saying “do less”. Trying to make it all happen by spreading yourself thin opens you up to the risk of sloppy executions. This doesn’t mean you can’t do many things, eventually. Start small. Work with what you’ve got. Master the strategy. And then add another challenge. If you’re already juggling, our Continual Retail Snapshot Assessment can help you figure out your strengths, your weaknesses, and how to prioritize.

If you find yourself relating a little too much to any of these, you probably have gaps in your brand and retail strategy. Marketing doesn’t work in silos anymore. Consumers have constant and continuous access to more information than ever before – including your business. Continual Retail is here. See if you’re ready for it.