Retail is changing. You know it.
Your competitors know it.

Even your customers know it. But what you may not know is how to turn that challenge into an opportunity. To stop playing catch up to new technology and new consumer expectations, and instead get one step ahead of what the rest of the industry is doing and create a bold new future for your brand.

The good news is, retail doesn’t have to be rocket science. So how do you put your brand on the right track? It starts with having the right strategy. Succeeding in today’s retail environment takes more than good prices and good products. Consumers are smarter than ever, and the retailers that are succeeding are the ones who build comprehensive, cohesive experiences. The kind that start engaging consumers before they even step in the store, and stick with them until the next time they shop.

That’s why we created a custom, retail-centric strategy that is designed to help brands look at their approach as a whole, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and create a cohesive approach to connecting with consumers. We call it Continual Retail. With this strategy, we’ll work with you to identify what’s working (and what isn’t) in your approach, and show you how to craft a shopping experience that consumers will never forget. Here’s how it works.

Crafting the right strategy to connect with your consumers starts with defining the four key areas you need to deliver on: Brand, In-Store, Digital, and Experiential. Let’s take a look at each.


It may seem obvious, but too often, companies get so focused on specific marketing tactics that they lose focus on the bigger picture of what their brand stands for. Is your brand unique and memorable? Is it relevant to your customers and the current market landscape? Is it at the core of every decision you make? Your brand should inform every part of your retail strategy. It should breathe life into your displays, guide your digital approach, and excite your consumers at every touchpoint. Continual Retail starts with showing you how to take a brand-focused approach to retail, which is at the core of creating a cohesive strategy that actually works.


Despite the growing impact of online shopping, 90% of retail sales are still made in stores. That’s why your in-store signage, displays and other collateral need to support your strategy at the same time as they drive sales. Well-designed displays build your brand, demonstrate product benefits and differentiate you from the competition. And applying a consistent creative approach helps you build awareness and affinity from consumers.


Even if e-commerce isn’t at the heart of your sales strategy, you can’t underestimate the value and impact of an effective digital strategy. This includes everything from app design to social media and email strategies to coupons and more. It also helps you to gather actionable audience information, so you can better understand your customers as a whole and as individual shoppers. And most importantly, your digital strategy can help support and increase the effectiveness of the other parts of your retail approach.


One of the best ways to build brand loyalty is to show your customers something unexpected. With Experiential design, you have the opportunity to create unique experiences that both support your overall brand/retail strategy and delight your fans. Want to build a pop-up shop in Times Square to show off a new product line? Or take your products on tour in a custom-designed Airstream camper? The unique creative opportunities that Experiential design offers help you bring your brand to life in new ways, and can help you stand out in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Brands who use our Continual Retail strategy align all of these key pillars to create a singular, focused retail approach that keeps them ahead of the competition while also delighting consumers. And best of all, it’s easy to get started. Just take our quick assessment, then we will work with you to understand your brand’s needs and partner to build a plan that can take your brand to the top of consumer’s minds and the top of the industry.